CLARA, Well, of course. Dogs wait for hours to go out thinking about a certain park to play and all of a sudden the walk is going the opposite direction. If I could talk I would give this advice to the dog walkers. The dog is boss unless you have to be somewhere. Let your pup make some decisions on how   to spend their precious 30 minutes.

CLARA​: Good Advice Olivier. Dogs love to kiss a baby face but watch their tongues if you want to listen to advice from Olivier. It still is so sweet.

OLIVIER: Say Clara, It is so cute to humans when we dogs kiss other dogs and or our human friends. We do this to greet other dogs as a "we are in good terms gesture."

We do this to apologize or ask for forgiveness. If my owner is having a bad day I may lick his face to say "Hope things go better for you today." 

It is also a way of showing respect for people or other dogs and is one method to indicate submission. 



OLIVIER: If you want to drives your owner crazy just keep on chasing your tail. The owner should talk to the vet but when all else fails just know that dogs get bored  too. 

CLARA​: Well this dog walker told me she gets dizzy watching her pet spin before he finally finds the perfect spot. It is not to make the dog walker crazy...Listen to this video for the reason this happens. 

CLARA​: Thanks Olivier for all these example but don't forget that a lick can be for pure affection. They like to show their affection for their favorite pack  member be it human or canine. And of course, they bond and lick their siblings to say, " I am happy with you today."

OLIVIER: Say Clara...the mystery is solved. The reason dogs always have their tongues out is that they don't sweat like human especially when they are expercising. They stick their tongues out and pant and get more oxygen to their blood. 

Clara, I bet you didn't know that

OLIVIER: The GENTLE LEADER head collar fits snug and confortable on your dogs nose. When the dog tries to pull forward the collar direect the dogs attention toward you. 


OLIVIER: I try not to lick the mouth of my owner as much has been written about this. Sometimes it happens and I like when I am not shamed for doing this. But I do know that I  lick so many things on the streets of Chicago and don't really want to kiss my owner or dog walker on the lips. I go for the cheek which is fine.

OLIVIER, Now that we are working dogs, we have to file our taxes

CLARA, They must be like humans who bite their nails.

CLARA​: Thanks always know...there is a reason for everything!

 OLIVIER: Do you know the dog is communicating  when he sits down refusing to move.  I do it myself  to get the attention of my dog walker to say,  "Hey Fred we are going the wrong direction." 

OLIVIER: Clara, you really understand us dogs. 

CLARA, C'est Dommage! That's a pity. Let's file an extension instead!

OLIVIER: Say Clara, I think we should let the BIG secret out. Why Do Dogs Smell Others Butts? I was looking for a photo to show of dogs sniffing and there are so few of dogs

sniffing other butts. That's because humans are embarrassed about this doggy habit. So I found a video to explain it, and NOW people will see there is more than meets the eye to this Doggy Butt Sniffing habit. Please watch the video. 

CLARA​: Have you noticed there a many dogs that pull on the leash and leave their dog walkers in the dust?

CLARA​: i'd like to meet the genius who invented this inexpensive collar that really works. 

OLIVIER, I think we want our owner to know it's time for a walk.